Viewing Brother / Babylock / Bernina Embroidery Files on a Mac



The development is discontinued. Although the plugin is still available for download, please use StitchBuddy-QL to preview embroidery files on your Mac.


Brother / Babylock / Bernina Embroidery Machines use a proprietary file format for patterns: „PES“ (sample files from Brother). Most machines are able to preview these files, but sometimes you want to check them directly at your computer without the hassle of transfering.

PESviewQL previews PES files directly on your Mac! As a Quick Look plugin it integrates seamlessly into the Finder‘s Cover Flow, Spotlight and every Quick Look enabled application like Apple‘s Mail.

Owners of a Janome embroidery machine may download the comparable plugin „JEFview“.


Without a Brother / Babylock / Bernina Embroidery Machine and relying on free patterns, only, I was not able to test the plugin with multi-part PES files.


  1. Apple Mac OS X 10.5.1 (or newer) running on any PPC- or Intel-based Macintosh


  1. Download the current version of PESviewQL.

  2. Mount the disk image.

  3. Copy „PESviewQL.qlgenerator“ into /Library/QuickLook (for all users) or ~/Library/QuickLook (for the current user only). It may be necessary to create these folders first and logoff / logon after the copying.

  4. Now you can browse with the Finder to your PES files and preview them with Cover Flow.

Terms of Use

  1. You can install and use PESviewQL free of charge.

  2. You may redistribute PESviewQL as long as the original disk image is not modified and you do not charge anything for the distribution.

  3. These terms may be subject to change at anytime.

Version History

2008/03/31    v1.0    First release.

2008/09/27    -          Discontinued, refer to StitchBuddy-QL

Copyright & Contact

© 2008, M. Arndt,

Download v1.0

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